Renate Dubose was born into this world with a purpose, "Changing Hearts with Art."  Born with 2 "Birthmark" hearts on her physical body, she was destined to spread love and make art. Renate has been doing so since a very young age. She is a Winston-Salem native and graduated from NC A&T SU, with a BA degree in Visual Arts & Graphic Design. Marked with the sign of Hearts, she is definitely a painter of love and it drives her creative forces which showcases in all of her works.  Renate wants to raise awareness within the world that impacts our daily lives. In her opinion, the world needs to spread more love, compassion, and respect for others.

Renate’s energetic use of exuberant colors creates emotionally filled hearts, landscapes, portraits, and more. Her masterful creations uplift, inspire, and bring smiles to the faces of people worldwide. It is her hope that her work expresses a whimsical wanderlust of emotions that elevate the soul and celebrate life, speaking to people of all ages and cultures. Not every artist can channel the power of Love into a brush and direct the flow onto paper, canvas, or even a wall. But not every artist is Renate Dubose, the artist, “Changing Hearts with Art.”

“In essence, Art should rejuvenate the soul. It should uplift the heart and bring peace to the mind. This world is a beautiful place and it is my goal to spread love and to find the most precious moments of life to create in art form, for the enjoyment of others.” -

Renate Dubose

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